Forget Jess: Dave Rygalski is the best 'Gilmore Girls' boyfriend

It might be indelicate to protest in the streets after the Gilmore Girls revival airs on Netflix, but I’m already making signs because I know I won’t get the one thing I want: Dave Rygalski. 

Dave, played by Seth Cohen Adam Brody, dated Lane for a brief, phantasmagoric spell of Season 3, before Brody sold his soul to Fox for The O.C. and set fire to long string of dynamite which eventually destroyed Lane’s entire character arc.

We spent too little time with him, yet he remains the best boy any fictitious teenage girl could date — or any very real adult.

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Dave first showed up in the Season 3 episode “Application Anxiety” as part of what would become Lane’s band for well beyond Dave’s time as a character. They start riffing immediately, talking about obscure bands before he gives her a demo tape with nerdy equipment. Read more…

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